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Chapter 1220 – Venusian Dungeon ashamed measly
“That’s true.” Hui Haifeng chuckled.
As Zhou Wen was organizing what to do with the bizarre metallic statue, its eye suddenly lighted plan a glowing shine.
Zhou Wen didn’t request additional. This wasn’t his niche. He couldn’t assist Hui Haifeng with anything at all, so requesting was useless.
Both ones chatted about some matters, nevertheless they did not chitchat for long. Hui Haifeng was only too occupied. Quickly, he needed to keep to deal with some issues.
“I want to be sure that you will find you can forget orphans nowadays,” Hui Haifeng claimed seriously. “You might find it preposterous, so i understand that this is certainly almost a hopeless intention, nevertheless i would like to give it a go.”
“Where have you been over the past 5 years?” Hui Haifeng asked Zhou Wen.
‘Killed Mythical creature, Metallic Shield. Identified Dimensional Crystal.’
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At the same time, many bullets photo from all information. Their firepower included the complete room, making hardly any home for dodging.
Press! Simply click!
“It’s not crazy by any means.” Zhou Wen was somewhat relocated. Although he didn’t have this kind of lofty desired goals, it did not end him from appreciating this sort of particular person.
“Not capable at all. There’s numerous things If only to do but can not.” Hui Haifeng shook his top of your head, certainly not attempting to say far too much.
“It’s only time for the mind. Yourself cannot even switch. What can you researching?” Zhou Wen was somewhat speechless.
Adhering to that, Zhou Wen noticed the spear inside the precious metal statue’s palm spew fireplace with the our blood-shaded avatar. A lot of metal bullets spewed out in an amazing speed.
“What are you wanting?” Zhou Wen considered Hui Haifeng.
Hui Haifeng explained jealously, “Teacher really dotes upon you the best. Five-years to obtain a century. Should I had a lot time, I might have even designed a Calamity-class dimensional serum.”
Zhou Wen was an experienced who could teleport in the end. On the other hand, he did not opt to teleport. He went through Terror transformation and authorized the bullets to hit him. They pa.s.sed through his human body as if his human body was an optical illusion. The bullets couldn’t harm him in any way.
“Of program, I want to see what it is want to remain for the optimum point around the world,” Hui Haifeng chuckled and persisted.
Pursuing that, Zhou Wen found the spear within the stainless steel statue’s fretting hand spew blaze with the blood stream-colored avatar. Massive amounts of stainless steel bullets spewed out in an impressive rate.
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“Some fellows don’t desire me to acquire too in the vicinity of Gu Dian, or quite, they don’t would like me to receive too near to the underground industry, so this took place,” Hui Haifeng mentioned vaguely, but Zhou Wen still fully understood.
If an individual isn’t with the Terror class, a Mythical man would most likely are wiped out quickly. This is only the start. This dungeon is helpful.. Zhou Wen now wished to understand what was inside the dungeon.
He attempted employing Simple truth Listener and Sight of Penetration, but he failed to see what was going on in the stainless steel building.
Even so, the landscape he spotted left him slightly taken aback.
As well, numerous bullets chance from all of instructions. Their firepower coated your entire room, abandoning little or no home for dodging.
Having said that, the picture he discovered left him slightly used aback.
Following that, Zhou Wen found the spear inside the metal statue’s hand spew fire on the blood vessels-pigmented avatar. Large volumes of steel bullets spewed out with an incredible quickness.
Nevertheless, the scene he discovered left behind him slightly applied aback.
As Zhou Wen was planning how to deal with the odd stainless steel sculpture, its sight suddenly illuminated plan a great light.
The two of those chatted about some concerns, nonetheless they did not conversation for long. Hui Haifeng was just too occupied. Before long, he were forced to depart to handle some issues.
The 2 ones chatted about some issues, however they didn’t talk for too long. Hui Haifeng was just too hectic. In the near future, he needed to make to manage some matters.
Hui Haifeng nodded. “I roughly guessed it. You are Man Sovereign, perfect? The aspect wouldn’t permit your eliminating of Di Tian sleep. For those who hadn’t passed away, the previous several years wouldn’t have already been so peaceful. However, with Teacher’s personality, he probably wouldn’t just allow you to pass away for 5 years. There must be some plan, perfect?”
Utilizing Our Sovereign’s energy, he attempted to forcefully break over the entrance, but he been unsuccessful. The aluminum developing was unimaginably difficult. Just a Terror-standard energy couldn’t injury it.
“Some fellows don’t wish for me to acquire too close to Gu Dian, or rather, they don’t desire me for getting too near to the undercover market, and this occurred,” Hui Haifeng explained vaguely, but Zhou Wen still realized.

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